Your Outdoors Activities Parners
Outdoor activities are a popular choice today, either just to relax with family or not rare for an institution or company in developing potential employees.
Approach with methods such activity is perceived quite effective and capable of giving a new atmosphere in the delivery of information through a game made by any participant where in the process associated with a condition that occurs in the work.
Seeing And to accommodate this, Belalang Adventure ... began to provide choice of outdoor activities ranging from camping ground, outbound arena, Paintball war simulation, jungle trekking, low and high obstacle is not less interesting elements and some holiday facilities for families such as water bicycles, miniature traditional houses in Indonesia, Go-Kart, ATV and other people's entertainment
Belalang Adventure ... invites you to feel more on the way of thought, who you are and how to work together to create a DREAM TEAM.
* High Element  
* Low Element

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