“Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he’ll eat forever.”
Overseas CIP (Overseas Community Immersion Programs) focuses on students traveling to a foreign country to conduct charity work. Students are exposed to less fortunate communities and engaged in activities such as community work at an orphanage, helping the less fortunate schools, providing donations to the poor. CIPs are usually part of an educational tour, with the program spanning between 1 – 3 days with a set theme.
As both a travel agent and learning and training organization, Desindo Tours is introducing a more sustainable and enlightened approach to CIP travel overseas. Desindo Tours has designed an educative program aiming at empowering students and teachers for meaningful CIP sustainable programs that go far further charity. A key outcome is authentic leadership development that can be derived from such programs.
Our programs are created to prepare students before the trip itself, and to provide opportunities for students to continue being challenged after. This creates a much higher return on investment and a more holistic learning experience. Schools do not need to send students far to give them unique, transformative experiences. The greatest learning for many students and teachers is about experiencing an authentic exchange of culture, appreciation and values. It is about receiving as much as giving, keeping an open mind, an open heart and looking at each other as equals.

Example projects

  • Cleaning a park.
  • Collecting items for charity such as clothes, food, or furniture.
  • Getting involved with Habitat for Humanity.
  • Cleaning roadside verges.
  • Helping the elderly in nursing homes.
  • Helping the local fire or police service.
  • Helping out at a local library.
  • Tutoring children with learning disabilities.
  • Cleaning nursing home gardens
  • Cleaning local areas
We hope you will be able to circulate this information to the relevant teachers and decision makers and will be more than delighted to come to your school to share more on our approach and answering any questions you may have on sustainable CIP programs.
Below which is information about the orphanage home and school which located at Batam or Tanjung Pinang:


Tanjung Pinang:

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