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Dear Mr Desmond

We would like to convey our special thanks to you and your esteemed company for the great effort, support and coordination you have rendered to our group on 3-4 July 2010.

All arrangement were very smooth and good. Please convery my sincere thanks to your local agent in Batam, who have given us a very good service.

All paxs were happy and had an enjoyable time during the visit but without your assistance this will not happened.

Once again thank you for the good service and support from you.

Hope on our another trip we will be using your company services again.

Thank you.


Zulkifli Ismail

Dear Desmond n Desy

Thank you very much for the generous hospitality host by Desindo Tours.

My staff and i had a wonderful time spend n know Batam more. Am sure this fam trip has greatly allow them widen their knowledge abt Batam and enable them to sell with much more confidence.

All meals provided for was fantastic n huge portion.

Your guide Dennis is remarable hard working chap. He has carried out his duty in high respect. He made our hotel inspection so at ease. The driver has a great driving skills. Am sure they are as tired running along with us.

Once again, on behalf of my team, Thank you very much.


Best Regards,

Anna Sng

Dear Mr Desmond

Thanks for your organization of the recent trip 13-16 Jul to Batam for Peicai.

Please help me to convey my thanks to Yani and Anton for their patience, as i did not have the time to thank them properly.

Also kindly pass my tips to them which we will be transferring with our payment to you.

We hope the Golden View Hotel was ok with the students. We also want to thank them for their graciousness and patience and taking their time to teach our students. The GM and various department heads were very hospitable and caring.

I just discussed with a parent about this programme and she is so excited she wants to get other parents to send their children to Batam for the intership and the parents may want to come along for spa or golf.

Thanks lots.

Best Regards

Elaine Yap

Peicai Secondary School


Dear Desmond & Desy,

We would like to express our gratitude for the hospitality given to our group on 7-8 August 2010.

The organizer and all the commitees had a wonderful holidays.

Please delivery my good wish to our both good guide Ms Suhui and Mr Anton, cheers .........


Thank you.


Felicia Ng



Dear Mabel / Desmond

I had a wonderful time in Batam during 4-5 Sep.  Thank you for the tour guide Ms Shirely, she was very patience and helpful through out the trip. I also like to thank you for the hotel (Golden View Hotel) staff for their quick and friendly service.

On Sunday we went to the GO-Kart and the hotel's bus fetched us there, after finished when he wanted to fetch us back, the bus broken  down, and within 10 mins, the hotel sent another 2 mini bus to fetched us back. Thank you for the hotel driver which can reacted so fast. The room was spacious, we all have our connected room and the hotel even upgraded my 2 superior room to deluxe room. It was a good short trip to all my family of bonding and relaxing.

This was our 3rd time outing arranged by Luxury. First was my schooltrip to Malacca,(by Quee Siang) 2nd my nieces family to Malacca and this was our 3 trip. Thank you for your best service.

Keep it up

God blessing

dear desmond,

i have just went on a batam day tour this morning (22/9) and i have t say that my travel partner and i thoroughly enjoyed myself. its group was extremely small, in fact it was only my travel partner and i at first, before another pair of tourists joined us during lunch. despite the sudden change ( the other couple missed their ferry from singapore therefore had t take a later one), your staff handled it impressively and without fuss.

the driver, whose name i didn get, was quietly supportive as he readily drove us t every location. although we did not speak, i am grateful for his readiness t drive us around, and also his excellent driving skills. everywhere was a smooth journey

your guide, sudini (not sure how her name is supposed t be spelled haha) was the highlight for us. she was very resourceful and helpful and was continuously feeding us information about batam. although the group was small, she did not spare any effort in bringing us through the itinerary. she was also very friendly and open and showed a genuine interest in us. traveling w her was like traveling w a friend who happened t be familiar w batam. we truly appreciate her hospitality and are indeed very fortunate t have her as our guide. im not sure if she does this t every group, but for what its worth, we cherish the time spent in batam w her. in fact, it would be fantastic if we could keep in touch w her personally. i understand if this may be a breach of company procedures, but if it is not a problem, i hope that you would perhaps forward this email t her and get her t reply t me.

to sum it up, i really really am very satisfied w everything provided by desindo tours. thank you so much for the great service and i hope t travel w you again in the near future

take care

To: Person-in-charge

I’m a student of Ngee Ann Polytechnic(Singapore) and just returned from a trip to Batam on Monday, 21st March 2011. The tour was guided by two of your tour guides, Anton and Dennis Setiawan. I would like to compliment them for their friendly and generous hospitality. The whole trip was pleasant and I must emphasize that they really did a great job. Whenever problems arise throughout this trip, they will try their best to solve it for us. For instance, we bought Nippon paint and intended to paint the orphanage. However, the caretaker over at the orphanage claimed that the paint was not suitable to paint the exterior as it was not weather-bond. Dennis immediately tried to source for other kind of paint, which I found it to be very initiative on his part. On the other hand, he had to walk all the way out of the orphanage (which was quite a distance) and carry all our lunch packets in for us, under the hot sun.

Both of them were very amicable which made this a very successful trip to help the orphanages out. I thank them for their warm hospitality and hopefully, this small compliment email will spur them on to do a better job next time. Should I visit Batam again, I will definitely patronize Desindo Tour as I have very good impression of Anton and Dennis.

Thank you for your kind attention and have a nice day ahead!

Yours Faithfully

Charmayne Lim

(+65) 9776 4055


Dear Desindo tours,

My friend and I want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of service your company provides.
Especially with your tour guide, Anton, as he had done a really great job during our day trip at Batam on Monday (18/07/2011). He is really friendly and knowledgable, also very helpful to us.

We really enjoyed our trip especially when this is our first time to batam.

Thank you for providing us with a wonderful experience and please give our compliments to Anton.

Caris Tay

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