The Batam – Singapore VTL-Sea is launching on
8th March 2022! 


With Effective from 8 March 2022, Indonesia Government has annouce VTL-Sea to Batam & Bintan Based on Surat Edaran SATGAS COVID-19 No. 13 2022, which mean Singaporean can visit Batam with Quarantine Free and followed by Surat Edaran No: IMI-0533.GR.01.91 TAHUN 2022, effective from 22nd March 2022, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia will be implanting changes to its Visa Policy for 9 Countries with Free Visa Facility and 25 Countries Visa-On Arrival facility our tourist from Singapore and other countries which stated inside the list.

You need to meet the following criteria: 

Must have stayed in Singapore for the last 14 days prior to the trip and acquired the relevant entry visa. Singaporeans and eligible Indonesians* are exempted from the visa requirements. Vaccinated at least 2 doses (the last dose should be at least 14 days from the date of the trip)

View of Nongsa Point Resort

You need a confirmed hotel stay/accommodation from these Nongsa Sensation resorts: 

  • Batam View Beach Resort

  • Montigo Resort

  • Nongsa point Marina Resort

  • Turi Beach Resort


Going to Nongsa: 

  • An RT-PCR test with a negative result within 48 hours from departure 

  • Travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage of at least SGD 20,000 (available via Batamfast website)

  • Download the Peduli Lindungi app & fill up the e-HAC 


Arrival at Nongsa: 

Do arrival RT-PCR test at the terminal (to be assisted by Nongsa Sensation properties) Activate the Peduli Lindungi app, ready to be used for activities and contact tracing within Nongsa Sensation properties 

Departure from Nongsa: 

RT-PCR or Antigen test (to be assisted by Nongsa Sensation properties)
All requirements are subject to the latest conditions set by ICA. While Indonesia is under Category 2, you may check here for details:


Travel Checklist Singapore to Batam via VTL-Sea

Travel Checklist Batam to Singapore via VTL-Sea

Free Visa & Visa On Arrival start from 6 April 2022