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Enjoy traditional food offerings from Saung Sunda Sawargi which are now available on the Desindo Tours website. You can invite friends or family to spend time together while enjoying the delicious menu at Saung Sunda Sawargi Restaurant.There is a Sundanese Food Menu Package for 4 people, where you can enjoy a selection of menus such as Nasi Timbel and Grilled Chicken or Grilled Gurame.

MEAL VOUCHER at Saung Sunda Sawargi Restaurant (Package A)

Rp200,000.00 Regular Price
Rp100,000.00Sale Price
  • Meal for 4 - 6 people includes:

    • Seven (7) courses include:

      • Ayam Bakar
      • Tahu
      • Tempe
      • Perkedel Jagung
      • Lalapan
      • Sambal
      • Es Buah
      • Nasi Putih
      • Air Mineral